About Us

The Iranian Australian Association of Health Professionals (IRAHP) is a nation-wide, not- for-profit organisation. Founded in 2012 (IRAHP Founders), the IRAHP works to create professional and
social relationships for its members and the broader Iranian community through networking, community events and more.
Members of IRAHP come from a range of medical and related disciplines, such as dentistry, psychology, pharmacy, social work, nursing, nutrition, medical engineering, academia, veterinary medicine, medical/allied health studies and more. Please visit our Health Professionals Directory  if you are looking for an Iranian Health Professional. Our members abide by the IRAHP Code of Ethics, which you can see here

Our vision

  • Networking: IRAHP will create a nationwide network of Iranian Health Professionals, to support each other, collaborate and create a more cohesive community;
  • Integration: IRAHP will be the leading supportive partner to all Iranian Health Professionals who seek to integrate into the Australian healthcare system; and
  • Assistance: IRAHP will assist the wider Iranian community in finding an Iranian Health Professional to suit their needs through the Health Professionals Directory

Our mission

  • Support: To offer advice and professional support to assist Iranian Health Professionals with their integration into the Australian system;
  • Grow: To grow the IRAHP network through online facilities and in-person events giving our members the opportunity to connect with their fellow Health Professionals; and
  • Advance: To offer a range of professional development opportunities through our network to assist Iranian Health Professionals in reaching the top of their fields.

Our objectives

  • To continue to grow the IRAHP network, and provide even better networking and social opportunities to our members;
  • To use the IRAHP network to provide better medical support and advice to the Iranian-Australian community;
  • To use the IRAHP network to assist our members in their scientific collaboration and contributions;
  • To raise the profile of IRAHP and its membership in the eyes of industry and government;
  • To continue to use the IRAHP network to help the professional development of our members by hosting workshops, facilitating discussion, organising conferences and more;
  • To support medical research and promote evidence-based medical practices in the community; and
  • To continue to make great contributions to resolving public health issues that affect our society.


We warmly invite you to become a part of the Iranian Australian Healthcare Professionals network

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IRAHP is a registered Association with the CAV No A0057245Y | A.B.N. 80 924 097 913