No. IRAHP is an independent association. It is based on volunteer activities and is not linked with any other groups, associations or organisations in Australia or Iran.
IRAHP can certainly assist you as an active member in your job search. On both our Facebook page and Web Site, we announce jobs offered by IRAHP and associates. Additionally, we can write recommendation letters and support you in your applications. Lastly, we offer numerous opportunities to volunteer with IRAHP, which would be a great addition to your CV. Our Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com and our Jobs page is https://www.irahp.org.au/positions-vacant/
The objectives of IRAHP are: • To continue to grow the IRAHP network, and provide even better networking and social opportunities to our members; • To use the IRAHP network to provide better medical support to the Iranian-Australian community; • To use the IRAHP network to assist our members in their scientific collaboration and contributions; • To raise the profile of the IRAHP and its membership in the eyes of Industry and Government; • To continue to use the IRAHP network to help the professional development of our members by hosting workshops, facilitating discussion, organising conferences and more; • To support medical research and promote evidence-based medical practices in the community; and • To continue to make great contributions to resolving public health issues that affect our society.
While IRAHP is only active in Victoria currently, we do have representatives from every Australian state. We are excited to be making moves to expand to have activity all Australian states, and then potentially to New Zealand in the future. Please continue to watch this space as we expand!
IRAHP encourages Iranian Health Professionals to become members, regardless of whether you are actively practicing in Australia, or not practicing but intend to do so. There is a range of membership options to suit your current status. We have some simple screening rules to ensure that prospective members are genuinely invested in healthcare, support the Association’s vision and that the activities run by IRAHP are relevant to them.
IRAHP dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes, but may be partially deductible as a business expense.
You can update your details by either logging into your account and accessing the member area, or by emailing through a ‘Contact Us’ form with your updated details.
Please read the membership cancellation and refund policy in our Terms & Conditions.
Please visit our Sponsorship & Advertisement page to donate or to see more information. https://www.irahp.org.au/sponsorship-advertisement/